Flying Hover Robot Bike: Riding Simulator

Like to drive fast down city streets? Fly high in an airplane? Look no further and get straight into the sky fun that is in the flying robo bike! This game is great for you. You can test your helicopter or airplane pilot skills and robot bike driving ability at the same time! Fly your robot bike like plane around the amazing world discover new worlds. Drive your sport bike to drifts!
Get in the driver seat of the specially modified Flying Motor Bike, do amazing stunts and drifts in the city streets or off road or activate airplane flight mode and turn your fast robot into a unique flying robot!! In an instance you went from a top bike driving expert to a professional airplane pilot!

• Futuristic Flying Different 10+ vehicle
• Stunning HD Graphics
• Realistic City Environment
• Realistic airplane and helicopter flight physics
• Realistic and dynamic vehicle physics
• Flying and American Muscle Robot Bike Model
• Play Offline

By Creative Titans

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